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AIT-2 Turbo excels in it's class, making it the perfect backup tool for Small to Medium Businesses. With a capacity of 80gb native in a small 3.5 form factor, and a sustained transfer rate of 12mb/s, AIT-2 Turbo is not only fast with a decent capacity, but also compact. AIT also boasts a high reliablity, with an incredible Mean Time Between Failure of 300,000 hours, due to the AME tape technology. AIT also features both backwards compatibly and the prospect of future growth. AIT-3 and 3x are backwards compatible to 1 and 2, while AIT-5 is backwards compatible to AIT-3 or higher, spanning capacities from 20gb to 400gb (native). Wherever you're business happens to be (budget or capacity-wise) Micro Technologies and Sony are sure AIT will work for you.

Still using DDS/DAT? The creators of DDS announced in 2001 there would be no further generations, stalling progress at the DDS4. Since they moved on so long ago maybe it's time you did too. Altough the low price of DDS products is appealing to small and medium business DDS does not have the reliability needed for secure backups. Additionally DDS/DAT have never offered the functionality of optical products with features such as WORM and a long media shelf-life. Now with Sony's rebate offer a AIT-2 Turbo drive is even cheaper than a DAT72. So why wait for the DAT160? Get a superior backup drive today.

AIT-2 Turbo provides both speed and reliability and Micro Technologies will help you make the switch. Ask about Sony's special rebate offer.

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AIT-2 internal
AIT in Short

  • Perfect for SMB (small to medium business) with enterprise level solutions available
  • High performance; 6mb/s - 12mb/s.
  • High Reliability (300,000 hour MTBF)
  • Greater storage capabilities than DDS
  • Compact 3.5 Form Factor

AIT-2 External


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