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Sony Tape and Optical drives - The fusion of moility power and style.

Why use Sony optical drives and tape backup for your business?

Sony - long time leader in the data storage industry - has engineered magneto optical drives and tape drives for over 10 years.  Sony is known for combining safety, security and style with their innovative technology.  Sony optical drives have led the industry in reliable document imaging, digital imaging and data security.  

Where can you find support for your Sony products?

Micro Technologies offers

  • Sales - New and refurbished equipment
  • Repair - Complete repair of MO, tape backup and more
  • Rental - From 2 weeks to 6 months on instock equipment
  • Exchanges - reduce the cost of replacement equipment.

Micro Technologies stocks hundreds of new and refurbished Sony optical and tape backup drives.  We also offer service on all optical drive products.  Models we support include Sony SMO-F561, Sony SMO-F551, Sony SMO-F551SD and Sony SMO-F541.  External models we support include:  Sony RMO-S561, SMO-S561, Sony RMO-S551, SMO-S551.

As the leading developer of DDS and AIT technologies, Sony has manufactured tape drives that range from 2-4gb to 1 terabyte.  Sony's advanced methods of data storage make it an excellent choice for data backup and archiving. Micro Technologies is proud to offer a wide range of reliable Sony tape drives to fit your company's needs. Popular models include the SDT-9000, SDT-11000, SDX-500C, SDX-700C.

AIT-5, Sony's newest and most innovative in the AIT lineup, now holds capacities of up to 400gb native and 1TB (1000gb) compressed. The patented AME III technology makes AIT-5 even more reliable than ever, dwarfing DLT and LTO with an astonishing 400,000 hours MTBF (mean time before failure) on a 100% duty cycle. It's also backwards compatable to AIT-3, 3e, and 4. AIT-5 saves you the cost and time of using a plethora of tapes for large data storage. Libraries and autoloaders are also available.

Micro Technologies offers sales, repair and rentals of nearly every model of Sony Optical Drive and Tape drive available.  Call our professional sales team for assistance.

Sony EDM-9100, 9.1 optical media. Designed to be used by the Sony SMO-F561.
Blu-ray Disc
Sony AIT-5, the Newest of Sony's AIT lineup.


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