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LTO-5 is Finally Here!

The LTO-5 tape drive from Quantum has arrived! The first LTO-5 tape drive on the market, the LTO-5 FH is the first drive to match the specifications set out by the LTO and Ultrium Consortium for their fifth generation tape drives. This generation of LTO boasts an impressive 1.5TB native capacity, reaching up to 3TB after 2:1 compression. The transfer speeds are higher too, now with a native speed of up to 140MB/s. The LTO-5 FH is also WORM capable when using WORM tape cartridges. The drive also offers encryption to ensure the security of your data. The 256bit AES encryption is built into the hardware, allowing the highest level of security without compromising performance.

Quantum also has a variety of additions to the LTO-5 technology to distinguish themselves as unique. FastSense™ is a feature which monitors the speed of incoming data and matches the speed at which the drive writes the data. The purpose is to give you a faster and more efficient backup. Another feature exclusive to quantum drives is SmartVerify™. During your backup SmartVerify™ concurrently verifies all data written to the tape. Virtually gone is the need for time-consuming verify passes after doing backup operations.

The LTO-5 FH is available as an internal unit, ready to install in a server, an easily accessible desktop unit, or as a 3U rackmountable device. In whichever format you choose, Micro Technologies and Quantum will be at your side. Ask about Quantum's "Backup Ready" certified solutions which will allow you to go from the box to backup in minutes with a LTO-5 FH drive, Backup Exec™ Quickstart software and Quantum LTO media.

The line of LTO-5 Drives Including the iScalar Library, and LTO-5 internal and external drives.


  • Native capacity of 1.5 TB, with up to 3TB compressed.
  • Native transfer rate of 140MB/s and 280MB/s after 2:1 compression.
  • Uses less power on average than LTO-4 drives, making it 'greener' and more cost effective.
  • Lower total cost of ownership compared to other LTO drives.
  • WORM capability and a partitioning feature.
  • AES 256bit native encryption.
  • Full backward compatibility to LTO-4 and backward read compatibility to LTO-3.

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