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RAID Technology has become the standard for servers and networks requiring increased speed or reliability over a standard hard drive. Micro Technologies is now featuring RAID controllers and equipment to implement with your existing or new server. From Serial Attached Scusi (SAS) to SATA, and from software and controllers to drives, Micro Technologies has your needs covered.

What exactly is RAID? The basic concept underlying RAID is that spreading or striping data across two or more hard drives provides three benefits over a large single hard drive; redundancy (more than one copy), higher performance, and greater (and easier) scalability. These benefits are particularly compelling in the server environment, where downtime is very expensive, drive subsystem performance is critical to good server performance, and adding storage capacity is often required. RAID 'tricks' the system and OS into seeing what looks like one large drive, which in fact is composed of multiple physical hard drives. What other benefits are offered?

  • If one disk in the fails, the system keeps running by automatically accessing the redundant data that is spread across remaining disk drives.
  • The failed drive can be removed and replaced while the other drives are still running ("hot plugged")
  • The new disk drive is automatically reconstructed by using the information on the remaining drives in the RAID group.
  • No additional host, operator, or operating system involvement is required (apart from the physical installation of the new drive).

RAID is available in a several different levels, each offering different benefits to your server. Some are designed for increased speed, some are designed for reliability and some are designed to take advantage of both. Take a look at how RAID can benefit you.

RAID Levels | Serial Attached SCUSI (SAS)

LSI/3ware | Adaptec

AIT-2 internal

Why Choose RAID?

  • Redundancy, or higher performance
  • Less downtime
  • Hot plugging allows you to replace one drive in the group while the others continue to run
  • A cost effective Backup
  • Multiple RAID levels cover different needs.

Raid Rack for Enterprise Level Storage.



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