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Blu-ray technology, for storage
Sony Tape and Optical
Hewett-Packard; Tape and Optical by HP
Tape and Optical Libraries. Medium business to Enterprise level storage solutions.
Drives; The backbone of the storage industry. The readers and writers you rely on.
Tape Drives. Featuring AIT, DLT, LTO, and DAT.
Optical Drives and Repairs.  Safe reliable storage.
Media, the disks and cartridges in your Tape and Optical Drives
Backup software.

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Media Price List:

C1571A Tape, 4mm DDS, Empty Autoloader mag
C5707A Tape, 4mm DDS-2, 120m, 4/8GB
C5708A Tape, 4mm DDS-3, 125m, 12/24GB
C5709A Tape, 4mm DDS-1,2,3,4 Clng Ctdg
C5718A Tape, 4mm DDS-4, 150m, 20/40GB
C8010A Tape, 4mm DDS-5, 170m, 36/72GBDAT 72
C5141A Tape, DLT IIIXT, TK85XT, 15/30GB
C5141F Tape, DLT IV, TK88, 20/40/70/80GB,DLT4000/8000
C5142A Tape, DLT III/IIIXT/IV Cleaning Tape
C7980A Tape, SUPER DLTtape I, SDLT 220 -110/220GB, SDLT 320 - 160/320GB
C7982A Cleaning Tape, SDLT-1 Super
C7998A Tape, DLT 1 Drive Cleaner
C7971A Tape, LTO, Ultrium-1, 100GB/200GB
C7972A Tape, LTO, Ultrium-2, 200GB/400GB
C7973A Tape, LTO, Ultrium-3, 400GB/800GB
C7978A Tape, LTO, Ultrium-1 & 2 & 3 Clng Ctdg,15 Pass, Universal
C3010XL Ctdg, QIC 1/4 in. Data, Colorado DT-740, QIC-3010, 700MB
88147J Disk, R/W Magneto Optical, 5.25 in.5.2GB 2048 B/S (8X)
92280F Disk, R/W Magneto Optical, 5.25 in.ISO 2.6GB 1024 B/S (4X)
C7983A Disk, R/W Magneto Optical, 5.25 in.9.1GB 4096 B/S (14X)
C4425A Travan, TR-4,DT-8000, 4/8GB
C4429A Travan, Colorado, 2.5/5GB
C4435A Travan, NS20, T20, 10/20GB
C4436A Travan, TR-5, Ctdg, Colorado, 7GB/14GB, 14GB drive
88146J Disk, WORM Optical, 5.25 in. CCW 5.2GB 2048 B/S (8X)
92290F Disk, WORM Optical, 5.25 in. CCW 2.6GB 1024 B/S (4X)
C7984A Disk, WORM Optical, 5.25 in. MSR 9.1GB 4kb B/S (14X): 4096 BPS
88143J Disk, Magneto Optical, 4.8 GB
88145J Disk, Write Once 4.8 GB
88146J Disk, WORM, 5.2GB, 5.25" 2048 B/S
92280A Disk, Rewritable, 5.25" 1024 B/S
92280T Disk, 1.3GB, 1024 B/S, Rewritable
92289T Disk, 1.2GB, 5.25" 512 B/S
92290A Disk, WORM, 5.2GB, 5.25" 1024 B/S
92290T Disk, 1.3GB, 1024 B/S, WORM
C7986A Disk, 8.6GB, 2048 B/S, WORM
C7987A Disk, 9.1GB, 1024 B/S, Rewritable
C7988A Disk, 9.1GB, Rewritable
Q2030A Disk, 30GB, UDO, Write Once
92283B Tape, 4mm, DDS-2, 90 meter
C4427A Tape, 3.2GB, TR-3, mini
DT-1000 Tape, 400/800GB
Q1999A Tape, AIT-3, 200GB
ST-350 Tape, QIC-80

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