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What is SATA? Everyone who has seen the inside of a computer into a computer is familiar with the flat, 40-wire parallel cables that connect the hard drive, CDROM and other devices to their controllers - Commonly known as ATA or PATA (Paralell Advanced Technology Attachment). Serial ATA has distinct key advantages over its predecessor. Cables are very thin with small 7-pin connectors. They can be up to 3 feet (1 meter) in length, and are easily routed to stay out of the way allowing maximum airflow inside the case. SATA also has a far lower power requirement of just 250 mV compared to PATA's 5-volt requirement, and with chip core voltages declining, this speaks well of SATA's future. Serial ATA does away with Master/Slave configurations and drive jumpers. Setup is greatly simplified, and the technology even allows hot-swapping, meaning drives can be removed or added while the computer is running. However, the most promising feature of Serial ATA is that it eliminates the transfer limit hit by PATA. First generation has a maximum transfer rate of 150 MBps, and second generation SATA delivers 300 MBps. The third generation SATA now available, "SATA 6Gb/s" will deliver roughly twice the speed of the previous SATA iteration. prices of the drives are comparable to PATA drives, making the switch to the new technology a good choice when upgrading, building, or buying a new system. Serial ATA is also a standard for RAID systems.

What about SAS? SAS incorporates in it features of SCSI, SATA, and Fibre Channel technologies. This makes it a storage device that can fit into most storage environments and other computing environments such as servers and workstations. SAS can theoretically scale to 4032 devices per port which means increased opportunity for deployment in commercial and technical applications. SAS also provides excellent support for legacy SCSI software which means that migration to SAS is cost-effective and smooth. SAS offers high availability of data due to the dual port capability in each SAS drive. A separate point-to-point connection for each drive ensures that the loss of connection to a drive does not affect all the drives. SAS drives are rugged and built for the stress of enterprise use; they have warranties of up to 5 years and MTBF ratings that exceed 1 million hours. SAS has at its disposal the experience acquired over 20 years in the development and running of parallel SCSI, which at present covers the majority of the enterprise disk market.

Which should your Company choose? Much depends on your business needs. Micro Technologies is Available to help.


RAID | RAID Levels

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AIT-2 internal
Why choose RAID

  • Perfect for SMB (small to medium business) with enterprise level solutions available
  • High performance; 6mb/s - 12mb/s.
  • High Reliability (300,000 hour MTBF)
  • Greater storage capabilities than DDS
  • Compact 3.5 Form Factor

AIT-2 External


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