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Blu-ray technology, for storage
Sony Tape and Optical
Hewett-Packard; Tape and Optical by HP
Tape and Optical Libraries. Medium business to Enterprise level storage solutions.
Drives; The backbone of the storage industry. The readers and writers you rely on.
Tape Drives. Featuring AIT, DLT, LTO, and DAT.
Optical Drives and Repairs.  Safe reliable storage.
Media, the disks and cartridges in your Tape and Optical Drives
Backup software.

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Media Price List:

1015382-0012 650mb 512 WORM JBX CALL
1015383RW 600mb 512 B/S Plastic Rewritable CALL
1015386RW 1gb 512 B/S Glass Rewritable CALL
1015387-0050 Tahiti 1gb Rewritable CALL
1015387-0052FMT 1gb WORM 5.35" CALL
1015387CW 1gb 512 B/S JBX WORM CALL
1015388RW 1gb 1024 B/S Glass Rewritable CALL
1015389CW 1gb 1024 B/S MAX-EP WORM CALL
20016748 2.6gb WORM Medical Grade CALL
2003404RW 230mb 1024 B/S $6.00
2004544RW 540mb 512 B/S Rewritable CALL
2005760RW 5.2gb 2048 B/S Rewritable $27.00
20055761CW 4.8gb 1024 B/S WORM $30.00
2006414 5.2gb MX-DVD CALL
2006746WO 2.3gb Write Once Medical Grade CALL
2006748   CALL
2006749RW 5.2gb 2048 B/S Rewritable Medical Grade $39.00
2015382RW 1.3gb 512 B/S Glass JBX CALL
2015383CW 1.3gb 512 B/S Plastic Rewritable CALL
2015383RW 1.3gb 512 B/S Plastic Rewritable CALL
2015384CW 1.3gb WORM Media CALL
2015384RW 1.3gb 1024 B/S Glass Rewritable $17.00
2015385-9962 1.3gb 1024 B/S WORM CALL
2015385CW 1.3gb 1024 B/S CALL
2015385RW 1.3gb 1024 B/S Plastic Rewritable CALL
3015383CW   CALL
3015383RW 2.3gb 512 B/S Rewritable CALL
3015385CW 2.5gb 1024 B/S WORM CALL
3015385RW 2.6gb 1024 B/S Rewritable CALL
70880   CALL

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